Media Conferences in CANADA 2022/2023/2024

Media Conferences in CANADA 2022/2023/2024 is an indexed listing of upcoming meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, programs, continuing CME courses, trainings, summits, and weekly, annual or monthly symposiums.

This half day media training course is designed as a one to one media coaching session. We work with you on your key messages and media interview skills. We can deliver this remotely or face to face, in your own premises.

Each session is fully tailored. We devise relevant interview scenarios so that you can prepare practically for all types of media interviews

We start with a short theory session, showing how the media works today and how you can engage effectively, making the most of your media opportunities. The main part of the training is highly practical. You will participate in a series of realistic radio and TV interviews. The key to our course is playback analysis technique. We record every interview and analyse them to highlight positive and negative aspects.

Our ultimate aim is to build confidence and ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in all future dealings with the media.

  • What makes a news story and how journalist thinks
  • How to prepare your key messages
  • Key principles of dealing with the media
  • Plan and prepare systematically for all online media interviews, presentations and Zoom calls
  • The opportunities and threats offered by social media and video usage
  • The importance of respecting journalist deadlines
  • How to prepare for a media interview effectively
  • Keeping your messages concise for video clips and social media
  • How to look good on camera
  • Tips of body language and non verbal communication
  • How to use your voice, tone, pitch and pace
  • Taking control of media interviews digital, live video recordings, press, radio and TV
  • How to handle tough or difficult questions and avoiding pitfalls or traps
  • How to communicate key messages about your issues
  • How to get your major points across by being assertive in interviews
  • To show grace and have confidence under pressure
  • Show you how to sound authoritative and confident
  • Practical, realistic media interviews with tailored scenarios live, as live, studio and down the line
  • Media interview techniques, tips and journalistic tricks
  • How to prepare for, and take control of, media interviews
  • Knowing how to stay on message, deal with hostile journalists and challenging questions
  • How to spot and control a potential media crisis
  • Protecting and enhancing your reputation



  • Introduction
  • Key principles of dealing with the media
  • What makes a story and how a journalist thinks
  • How to prepare for a media interview effectively
  • How to take control of media interviews
  • Promoting your success stories
  • How to spot a potential media crisis
  • Key message preparation, choosing your words
  • Handling tough or difficult questions
  • Crisis driven media, handling negativity and potential crises
  • Key principles of dealing with a media crisis
  • Communicating key messages giving facts and avoiding jargon
  • Voice control, tone, pace and pitch
  • Confidence, being comfortable, body language

Media interviews:

  • Media interviews – Key message preparation
  • Radio or print interviews, national, local, trade– preparation
  • Radio or print interviews – recorded
  • Playback and analysis
  • Key message review
  • Keeping your message clear and concise for TV and social media
  • Looking and sounding good on camera
  • Television Interviews– studio/sound bite/down-the-line – preparation
  • Television interviews – recorded
  • Playback and analysis
  • Course conclusions and recap

We will work with you to devise individual interview scenarios for each person, making the training relevant and engaging for each participant.

We have brought in media trainers for over twenty years. Television and Radio Producers. Seasoned media personalities that have conducted media interviews with national/international politicians at the highest level.

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PSW Training

PSW Training

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